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Need some great tips for designing a website? As an author promotion matters. Actually, it’s a big piece of the business. Even if you have the greatest book in the world, if you don’t know how to promote it, it won’t sell. That said, one of the most important tools an author, or for that matter any business owner has, is their webpage.

When I made my first attempt at designing my official author page I was just out of high school. I had no idea what I was doing and nowhere near enough money to hire someone to do it for me. The only option I had at my disposal was a self-taught crash course in web design. Admittedly, the first attempt wasn’t exactly golden. As far as I’m concerned, it looked exactly like what it was - a first attempt made by an uninformed teenager. Since that time I have studied many pages that fall into the same genre as mine and from these I have learned a great deal.

Recently I began the process of giving my page a total facelift. Let me just say had I known then what I know now it would have saved me an astronomical amount of time and effort. In hopes I might be able to offer the help I wish I would have had here are a few tips for designing a website to get you going.

1. Choose Your Web Editor Wisely

This is one of the most important tips for designing a website. When I took my first shot at web design I used Weebly.com. As inexpensive as it was at the time, this was a really good editor. As with most things, however, you get what you pay for and this was free. I have since started working with Wix.com and let me just say, for the $7.50 a month it costs to connect a URL this editor is extremely user-friendly! It has made designing a professional page 100 times easier. Everyone has their preferred option. Keep in mind when you are picking yours from the sea of choices that it is user-friendly or much like me at the get go, you will find yourself twice as lost.

Be Careful with Colors
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