These People Are Risking Lives over Pokemon Go!


Pokemon Go has taken over the entire world โ€“ seriously, it has! I love the game, I play all the time (level 10!) and yet, I am safe while I am playing. I've seen a couple of my friends say that Pokemon Go to The Purge, because of how many accidents, how many fights and how careless people are being. It can be a dangerous game if you aren't careful, so this list is a list of don'ts! Do NOT be these types of players, deal?

1. The Player That Drives

OMG, my in-laws immediately thought that I was one of these types of players as soon as I told them that I was playing the game. I had to assure them that no, I am not going to play while I am driving; it's too hard and definitely too dangerous. Why is it dangerous? You need to pay attention to what traffic is doing and you can get sucked right into catching that Evee. Stop driving and playing Stalkers!

The Player That Walks into Traffic
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