These Are the 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos of 2015 ...

By Sheila

These Are the 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos of 2015 ...

Instagram has released its ten most liked photos of 2015, and we thought it would be fun to take a look at these together...

1 Kendall Jenner's Heart Hair


With 3.2 million likes, this photo of Kendall topped the list! Of course the "heart hair" isn't exactly new but many young women tried to recreate this look after Kendall posted this image. What I love most about it though is that gorgeous dress!!!

2 Taylor Swift Poses with Kanye's Flowers


We all remember Kanye's outburst back in 2009, right? But, it looks like all is forgiven and forgotten. Kanye sure knows how to win a girl's heart.

3 Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris


Aren't they just adorable together?

4 Taylor and Meredith


I LOVE Taylor's kitty pictures, especially when they have funny taglines like "Meredith is allergic to joy". LOL!

5 Kylie Jenner's Diploma


Congratulations Kylie!

6 Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter


Don't mama and daughter look stunning? The most priceless thing about this picture though is the expression on Blue Ivy's face. Aww!

7 Taylor and Olivia


Here's another hilarious picture of Taylor with Detective Olivia Benson.

8 Selena Gomez's Natural Look


Sometimes you just need a sweatshirt and natural makeup to make it to the top ten list.

9 And It's Taylor Again!


Looks like I'm not the only one who never gets bored of cute animal pictures.

10 Kendall Jenner's Selfie


Kendall posted this selfie when she hit 20 million followers. 20 MILLION! Imagine that!

Looks like it was a great year for Taylor Swift's cats and the Jenner sisters. Don't forget to share your favorite Instagram pictures with us!

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