The Spookiest 😈, Scariest, Most πŸ’― Spine-Tingling 😱 Halloween Apps πŸ“± ...

Halloween is upon us once again. Are you feeling it yet? If you're uninspired by the bulging candy aisles in every store, unaffected by the jack-o'-lanterns leering from front porches, and unimpressed by the horror movies on Netflix, maybe your phone can get you in the Halloween spirit. You turn to it for news, conversation, and entertainment, so why not trust it to terrify you? After all … there's an app for that.

1. ZombieBooth

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If you go crazy for zombie movies, never miss an episode of β€œThe Walking Dead,” or train daily for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, ZombieBooth (or ZombieBooth 2) should be the first app you download for Halloween. In a word, it's awesome. It's cool even if you don't dig zombies. You can zombify yourself, your friends, and your pets – clearly. You can even animate your zombies if you'd like. Then, of course, you can share your gruesome new creation all over social media. Maybe it's time for a new profile picture, huh?

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