The Hottest 🔥 Apps for Weight Loss ⚖️ to Have on Your Phone 📱 ...

Do you want to get in shape and lose weight on your own without even leaving your home? Long gone are the days of personal trainers, dietitians, and tons of money for expert advice. The holidays are here, which can usually mean overeating and not exercising enough. This doesn't have to be the case for you! Download these hottest apps to stay on track this season and all year.

1. Lose It! Weight Loss App

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This free app helps you achieve long-term weight loss. Track your progress on your phone and on the computer to connect you with friends and family to challenge each other and get support. This app tracks calories, lets you research nutritional information, and helps you create a plan for present and future goals.
Lose It for iPhone & iPad :
Lose it for Android :

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