The 7 Best Apps to Track Your Money ...

Using apps to track your money is an easy way to get a handle on your budget. It gives you an immediacy in control because you can enter your spends the minute you make them rather than waiting until you get home, at which point unless you’re really motivated, you probably will forget to do. Money apps make it easy to make a habit of budget management – win, right?

1. Receipt Catcher

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With this app, you may take a photograph of your receipts and they will look as if they have been scanned onto your phone. You may then arrange your receipts into categories. The idea is to track the amount you spend either by cash in hand, or in certain places, or with certain cards. Whatever information it is difficult for you to get online, you may plug with this app so that you have full control of your budget and know exactly what is being spent. If you are unsure what is being spent in a certain area, you can set up a category and track what you spend by what receipts you have.

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