7 Splendid Apps for a Pregnant Woman ...

With all of the different apps out there, what apps for pregnant women are actually worth downloading and having on your phone? While I am not expecting, I do have a friend that is and she gave me the low-down on all of the apps for pregnant women that you mommies-to-be should be downloading! Take a look below, I promise that they are amazing and they are so worth the extra space taken up on your phone! I further promise, these apps might not all be free, but they are absolutely worth the couple extra dollars!

1. BabyBump

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This is one of the necessary apps for pregnant women because not only is it a pregnancy tracker, it's also a social health network for expecting families! You can meet new moms and dads that are right at the same stage as you and it's a got a friendly, awesome, amazing forum to it! It's also got a pregnancy countdown on it and it's packed with all kinds of baby information!

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