Snapchat Struggles Every Snapper Understands ...

By Vladlena

Snapchat Struggles Every Snapper Understands ...

All of the experienced users completely understand the Snapchat struggles that come as a package, yet they still choose to remain with this popular social app. If you still are not familiar with it, Snapchat is an app that allows you to share quick captured moments with your friends for just a limited time. It’s a fun way to share pieces of your life with those who were not with you to witness the moment, or just to send silly pictures of yourself to entertain your friends! However, with every app there are always problems, hence the following Snapchat struggles we all know too well.

Table of contents:

  1. taking snapchats in public
  2. opening videos while on silent
  3. drawing the ends of sentences
  4. frustration of no replies
  5. someone screenshotting your snap
  6. sending a snap to the wrong person
  7. forgetting the conversation

1 Taking Snapchats in Public

To top off the list of Snapchat struggles, we have at first an impossible task of taking snaps in public. It can be a little embarrassing and awkward! Here you are trying to pose for your crush or making a funny face to give your friend a few laughs, and strangers walk by with their eyes glued on you. Thankfully, after being a long time Snapchat user this discomfort goes away!

2 Opening Videos While on Silent

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve completely missed what my friends were trying to say when I tried watching a video while my sound was off or while I was listening to music. You either end up hearing nothing or your music stops playing!

3 Drawing the Ends of Sentences

Snapchat doesn’t give much room to express ourselves in words due to its picture heavy nature, which sometimes is a blessing and a curse. Once the time comes to write out a full sentence, you actually have to draw out the endings of what you are trying to say since text doesn’t fit, all while doing your best to make it legible.

4 Frustration of No Replies

There is nothing more frustrating than a bunch of people not replying to your snaps after they clearly just opened them, so you are just left with a bunch of empty arrows. This is especially frustrating when it ends up happening with the majority of your friends on the Snapchat list.

5 Someone Screenshotting Your Snap

The trust that is broken when someone takes an embarrassing screenshot of your snap is irreparable! You always end up feeling paranoid so you are more cautious of what you are sending. And what’s the fun in Snapchat if you can’t send embarrassing pictures to your friends that will self-terminate in a few seconds and never be seen again?

6 Sending a Snap to the Wrong Person

The awkward moment when you end up sending a snap to the wrong person becomes even more mortifying when your humiliating picture ends up being seen by someone you admire! You end up feeling a split second of self-hate and helplessness but hey, as long as you play it off cool, this could turn into a positive thing… Right?

7 Forgetting the Conversation

The only problem with conversations that self-destruct in a couple of seconds is that you forget what you have said or what the other person is replying to you, and you can’t even look back on it! We all know that the ‘I forgot what I said before’ snaps are pretty darn popular.

I am pretty sure most of you have the smiling ghost icon on the front screen of your phone. After all, Snapchat is currently one of the most popular social apps out there. If you are an active Snapchatter yourself, what are some things you would add to this list?

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