17 Signs You're a Technology Addict ...


When you recognize the signs you’re a technology addict there’s no denying you’re hooked on gadgetry, electronics and gizmos. And this isn’t just being “lost” without your phone or being more than mildly irritated if your ISP is having some down time. Let’s whizz through some signs you’re a technology addict and then you can tell me how bad you got it.

1. Did You Throw a Tantrum when You Thought Your Phone Was Broken?

Maybe this is one of those things you need to see in the flesh to understand, but one of the big signs you're a technology addict is when you “think” your phone is broken and you throw the biggest tantrum of all time. It happens all around the country. Even now, there is probably someone shouting down the house about how their life is ruined because their phone won’t start up even though it has a full battery.

Do You Look at Your Phone as Soon as You Get up?
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