7 Security Apps to Keep You Safe, Whenever, Wherever ...

I imagine that your iPhone is absolutely packed with all manner of useful apps, but do you have any security apps? One of the major benefits of an iPhone is the added sense of safety and the reality of providing you with more security. Even if you live and work or only venture into β€œsafe” areas, you never know when a threat will arise and any one of these security apps can provide you with the emergency links you need.

1. WatchMe 911

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This is one of the best security apps that’s available for the iPhone. The creators encourage you to place this app on the front screen of your phone (or in the app bar at the bottom) so that you can activate it whenever you need to. There are four main features: a panic alarm and flashlight, an automatic 911 emergency dial, a panic mode and a monitor me mode. The panic mode will send SMS messages – along with your GPS location – to a predefined contact in your address book so that they can help you. The monitor me mode is about keeping your loved ones up to date about your location. If you’re a single woman who perhaps lives alone, this is the right app for you.

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