7 Newer Apps than "words with Friends?" to Start Playing ...

Stop playing games that are meant for one player! It's time to be social (or as social as you can be from behind a phone). Head to the App Store and search for free games that you can play against your friends. It's a great way to make sure you keep it touch if you're forgetful when it comes to texting. Here are a few free apps that you should download as soon as possible so you can challenge all of your friends:

1. Brain Wars

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On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
It's time to figure out, once and for all, who's the smartest person in your friend ground. Whenever you challenge someone, you'll be forced to play three rounds of random games against them. Some of them test your memorization, some test your mathematical skills, and others test your ability to follow instructions. Whoever gets the most amount of questions correctly at the end of three rounds is the winner.

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