7 Reasons Why Google Glass is Amazing ...


Have you been wondering why Google Glass is amazing? Google Glass, also known to many as "those new Google things," is the new technological buzz that has everybody talking. As an owner of Glass, I do admit that yes, at first they do look kind of weird. It took me some time to get used to the feeling and appearance of it. But soon after, the magic of Glass began to kick in. Below are a few reasons why Google Glass is amazing.

1. Attention

I’m not going to lie –- it’s so much fun. This is definitely the number one perk of owning a pair of Google Glass. Everywhere I go, I turn heads (and not just because of my bright pink Hunters). People follow me around, whisper loudly as I walk by, and my favorite, take pictures of me. Owning a pair of Google Glass has made me feel somewhat like a celebrity. And it’s awesome. Many people have only seen this tech craze in magazines and online, so much to my delight, their interest and attention is very genuine. But I really love answering questions about why Google Glass is amazing!

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