Genius πŸ’‘ Reasons to Use a Contraceptive πŸ™Š Tracking πŸ“Š App πŸ“± ...


Need some reasons to use a contraceptive tracking app? If you are a sexually active female who isn’t interested in starting a family at this moment, then it can be safe to assume that you are using one of the many different forms of contraception that are available to you. Contraception is a wonderful thing as it gives women control over their bodies and what may or may not happen to it in any given month, but it can only be as effective as it is supposed to be if you keep on track of your usage and don’t forget to follow the instructions and guidelines to the very last letter. One way you can enhance your contraception usage is by using an app. Here are the best reasons to use a contraceptive tracking app.

1. Each Pill is Different

There are so many different varieties of the pill that sometimes different brands can have different side effects. An app is an easy way to track how one type effects you and is one of the best reasons to use a contraceptive tracking app.

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