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7 Questionable Things You Should Never Snapchat ...

By Lyndsie

As innovative as it is, there are still a few questionable things you should never Snapchat. It's a fun app, and I love using it when I'm, say, shopping at Walmart or taking the T somewhere. People use it for next-level texting and next-level sexting, too, because the biggest asset of the app is that the photos and videos you send delete after a set span of seconds. Awesome, right? If you take photos that you'd never share with anyone else, they'll disappear and you never have to worry about them … in theory. Snapchat lets the recipients take screenshots, however, and although you're alerted, you can't actually do anything about it. So before you send your next smarmy pic or cute video, consider some of the things you should never Snapchat.

1 Your Private Bits

It hopefully goes without saying that any of your private areas are definitely things you should never Snapchat. Sending nude photos is just a bad business all the way around, but it happens. Many people think it's safe to do it on Snapchat, but remember, users can take screenshots. Moreover, Snapchat itself has admitted that there are different ways someone can gain access to photos once they run out of time. Think twice before flashing your business and snapping a photo or taking a video, even if you're sending it to someone you trust.

2 Your Personal Information

In general, you never want to share personal information over social media. There are exceptions, but few of them involve taking pictures that can only be edited a limited amount. It could be dangerous in a number of ways, because you can never be sure who might see what you've sent. Even if you're tempted to send a short-lived snapshot of your credit or debit card for your partner, think of another way to share the information.


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3 Evidence of Your Bathroom Habits

This happens way too much when people are taking selfies. In a way, I can understand; frankly, the bathroom always seems to have the best light. I'm not even saying that you shouldn't take your Snapchat in the bathroom. You should just hide the more obvious accoutrements. Keep the toilet out of the shot, watch out for any hygiene products or … intimate tools, let's say. It's not just because you might get caught out in an embarrassing situation, it's also about common courtesy and self-respect. You don't want to show anyone your flushing habits!

4 Illegal Activities

I'm absolutely not going to preach, and if you're of age to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, I'll even argue and say that the activities themselves aren't a big deal because it's your choice. However, if you're underage and sending Snapchats of smoking or drinking, and if you're of any age doing something you know to be illegal, don't create photo evidence! If captured, forwarded, sent to the wrong person, or found by people whom you didn't want to see it, you could be in real trouble – and not necessarily just with parents, professors, or employers.

5 Your Intimate Moments

This applies to several things. There are photo trends, like post-coital selfies, you should think twice before sending, but there are countless other moments. I don't mean kisses or other forms of PDA, necessarily, but there are some moments you simply don't need to share. Use your best judgment, and if your judgment is impaired, close your Snapchat!

6 Your Workplace

I am absolutely not saying that you shouldn't take photos of yourself at your desk, in your cafeteria, or anything like that. Just be smart about where you take photos, don't include pictures of your coworkers or employers unless they know what you're doing, and don't inadvertently send any pictures of sensitive information.

7 Your Duckface

This one's a little tongue-in-cheek, but we need a new picture-face. At this point it's not even cool to flash a duckface ironically. Besides, you're gorgeous just as you are. Your lips are beautiful and you should let them show in a smile – or a frown, or a laugh, or a scowl, depending on the nature of your snap, of course.

Snapchat is fun and it's a great way to keep in touch while being clever. However, as with any photo or video app, there are some things you should never do. I mean ever. Here's something to remember: if you're taking a picture or video you wouldn't want to share online, don't take it – and certainly don't send it. You never know what might happen. Have you ever regretted sending a photo? What happened?


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