Period Tracker Apps to Help You through the Month ...


Don't let your period catch you by surprise. Use an app so you always know when it's coming. That way, you'll always be prepared, and won't risk ruining your favorite jeans or underwear. Here are the best (free!) period tracker apps for the iPhone:

1. Pink Pad Period and Fertility Tracker Pro


On Itunes:

This app will estimate when your next period will arrive and tell you the exact date and the amount of days until it hits you. It will also let you know what days youโ€™ll be the most fertile, which is helpful if youโ€™re trying to conceive a baby, or if youโ€™re trying hard to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It also allows you to track your mood and symptoms that you feel during that time of the month, and will even give you reminders about when to take your birth control and visit your gynecologist.

Clue Period Tracker
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