7 Password Managers for Smart Phones ...

If you have multiple passwords – and who doesn’t these days – one way you can keep them under control is with password managers for smart phones. You don’t have to be a web geek to benefit. You might be one of the very many who has weak passwords and reuses them on different websites. This means if someone gets one of your passwords, it gives them access to many of the site accounts you use. Password managers aka password storage apps help you create and use strong, unique passwords for all the websites you use. They store your login info for all your sites and enable automatic login. Your password database is encrypted with a master password which then becomes the only one you have to remember. If this is something which you can benefit from – and who wouldn’t? – here are some of the best password managers for smart phones.

1. KeePassDroid

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This is just for the Android and is built to keep your passwords safe. It is currently very highly rated in reviews on the Google Play website. You can determine your category names and determine the URLs combined with which passwords. The passwords are not visible on your app once you enter them so that people cannot look over your shoulder and see them. It is one of those password managers for smart phones where you can also see when your passwords were created and accessed just in case another person is looking at your password manager.

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