9 of the Funniest Vines to Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing ...


9 of the Funniest Vines to Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing ...
9 of the Funniest Vines to Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing ...

While there are way too many of the funniest vines to talk about, or even watch, there are ton of hilarious vines that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Some people put so much thought into their vines that the end results are absolutely hysterical. So while there are hundreds upon hundreds of the funniest vines that will have you in fits of side-splitting laughter, here are some of the top funniest vines.

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Nailed It

This is one of my all time favorite funniest vines. The first time I watched, I think I was rolling on the floor for a good 10 minutes. Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video is pretty absurd to begin with; but combine it with the hilarious parody, and I am hooked. Congrats to the guys who came up with this vine.


They’re Coming

The funniest vines throw a little unexpected twist at the end, which is exactly that this vine does. Few vines have managed to create suspense in a 7 second time period. Add in a stampede of midgets and you have a hilarious vine that you will watch over and over again.



Anyone who has ever seen someone SnapChat a friend in public can verify that this vine is 100% accurate. SnapChat was not made to send pretty pictures to friends, it was made to make the ugliest possible faces that will be erased after 5 seconds. This is one of those vines that is hilarious because of how true it is.


I’m Blue

Who has heard this song and not wanted to paint themselves entire blue? This song is catchy enough to listen to all day. And the hilarious face the kid makes is just icing on the cake to an already funny vine.


Pug in Da Club

So I already have an obsession with pugs, so I naturally had to include this on the list of funniest vines. Just watching that dog bounce up and down leaves me laughing out loud. And then the close up of the dog’s face just puts me over the top.


Didn’t Go as Planned

As bad as it is, it is kind of funny to watch people getting injured doing stupid stuff. Take this vine for example; you just know he is going to end up on the floor in pain. And when he eventually does, you just can’t help but roll on the floor laughing at him.


Cup Song Car Edition

Every time I hear this song, I get the urge to do the cup taps also. But this kid takes it to a whole new level. The first time I saw this vine I had to re-watch it over and over again because I could not stop laughing. The look of distress on the kid's face is enough to make me cry from laughter alone.


I Love You

This guy makes the most hilarious vines of him doing awkward stuff in public. But this one is my personal favorite. Can you image ever going up to a stranger, telling him you love him, and then singing Cher? I know I would never have the guts. But this guy does, and it creates vine comedy genius.


My Milkshake

When people parody “The Milkshake Song”, they usually are not this creative or outlandish. This guy goes all out when making this vine. You can tell just by the look on the server, she was not expecting her customer to take his milkshake and pour it on himself.

Vines are 7 seconds of pure hilarity and that is why they are so popular. Some people get incredibly creative with their vines and those are the vines that leave you rolling on the floor laughing. What did you think of these funniest vines? What are some other hilarious vines that you have seen? Do you think vines are creative and funny?

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There's a hilarious Owen Wilson prank on YouTube..,,,,,check it out. Extremely funny!

I've seen all of these except for one... #ihavenolife LOL:)


What I have found interesting about vine is that a lot of viners know each other

My favorite vine is by the same guy in #8, the one where he says, why is everybody so afraid of love? XD

Number two would scare the crap out of me if I had been anywhere around.

I don't know about anybody else, but I was unable to view number 2 and 4 :( I was really looking forward to number 2

I couldn't watch most of them

I think the little girl saying " fuck vine bitch" with a bottle or whatever she says is the funniest thing ever or the little boy singing Britney Spears

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