Entertaining Tags to Watch on YouTube ...

Occasionally there are a few tags on YouTube that completely blow up and take over the video-sharing website for a significant length of time. The tags allow viewers to easily find content that they enjoy and for video creators themselves to jump on the band wagon and gain more exposure, so basically it’s a win win for both parties! However as an active subscriber on YouTube I can tell you there are certain tags on YouTube that are much more worthwhile than others, here is a selection that you will most likely enjoy the most!

1. Youtuber Whispers Tag

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The tags on YouTube are created by YouTube sensations and this particular tag was created by Joe Sugg or ThatcherJoe on YouTube. He initially got the idea from a UK television show and decided to create a YouTube version himself. The tag is basically a telephone game during which one person says a sentence to another person with noise cancellation headphones on, and that person passes whatever he or she might have heard to another person. This goes on until they get to the end and reveal the final outcome. The disparity between the last and original sentence is quite humorous!

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