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Entertaining Tags to Watch on YouTube ...

By Vladlena

Occasionally there are a few tags on YouTube that completely blow up and take over the video-sharing website for a significant length of time. The tags allow viewers to easily find content that they enjoy and for video creators themselves to jump on the band wagon and gain more exposure, so basically it’s a win win for both parties! However as an active subscriber on YouTube I can tell you there are certain tags on YouTube that are much more worthwhile than others, here is a selection that you will most likely enjoy the most!

1 Youtuber Whispers Tag

The tags on YouTube are created by YouTube sensations and this particular tag was created by Joe Sugg or ThatcherJoe on YouTube. He initially got the idea from a UK television show and decided to create a YouTube version himself. The tag is basically a telephone game during which one person says a sentence to another person with noise cancellation headphones on, and that person passes whatever he or she might have heard to another person. This goes on until they get to the end and reveal the final outcome. The disparity between the last and original sentence is quite humorous!

2 Boyfriend & Girlfriend Tag

The great thing about YouTube is that it allows creators and big YouTube stars to closely interact with their followers and even share their personal lives. YouTube is such a close-knit society that many are not even afraid to open up about their significant others! They actually introduce their girlfriends or boyfriends to their subscribers and they are not wrong to do so because it results in great content!

3 Draw My Life Tag

Many viewers find their role models on YouTube, which is quite interesting because the five-minute content they produce is not enough for us to know who these people truly are. However the ‘Draw My Life Tag’ gives us more of an insight into the lives of our favorite YouTube personalities and allows us to learn more about their past as they literally draw their life on a dry erase board.

4 Best Friend Tag

Best friend tags are very addicting. You might start out by watching one and before you know it, you are already on your fifth, but I guess that’s how YouTube works! There are few variations of this tag but all of them consist of several questions that test how well the two friends know each other or just to see how their friendship dynamic usually works.

5 Reacting to Old Photos Tag

This is fairly a new tag that has recently surfaced YouTube and was created by, once again, the ingenious mind of Joe Sugg. The tag requires you to go through your old profile pictures or photos in general on Facebook and comment on them. You might never allow anyone else to view your old embarrassing picture but it sure is fun to go through what we would call ‘fetus’ pictures of others!

6 Tumblr Tag

The Tumblr tag has been on YouTube for a while now so you can be sure to find a lot of content if you type those key words. Mainly this tag is used by popular YouTube stars that use their name as a hashtag on Tumblr and look through the content that was created by the imaginative minds of their loyal fans. Quite frankly, some of the things these fans make are ridiculously hilarious!

7 TMI Tag

The TMI tag caught on like flu and it’s going around even now! There is really nothing too unique about it as it is just a bunch of answers to random questions but it reveals random information about YouTubers that their fans really enjoy. Plus some of the questions can get pretty personal so there is a possibility that things can get real juicy!

Ah, who doesn’t love to browse through YouTube to kill time? It’s an effective and addicting form of entertaining that is right at your fingertips! So what types of YouTube videos are you hooked on?

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