7 Incredible Money Saving Apps to Install Now ...

Smartphone apps arenโ€™t just for games, there are actually lots of money saving apps to help you stay on budget. These apps can help you save on frequently purchased items, save you time and hassle from clipping coupons and even earn rewards and cash! Iโ€™ve used quite a few of these money saving apps and I love them so I had to share them with you.

1. Ibotta

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Ibotta is one of the newer money saving apps that Iโ€™ve recently discovered. This app actually allows you to earn cash when you shop. You simply choose the offers you like from the list, complete a task associated with the product you want to buy such as take a quick poll and then go shopping. Once you purchase the product at one of the many participating retailers, take a picture of your receipt and scan the bar code of the products you bought. Ibotta will verify your purchases and you earn cash through PayPal! It might seem like a lot of work, but imagine the savings youโ€™ll get if you combine this app with coupons and sales. Available for free on iPhone and Android.

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