7 Incredible Apps for New Moms to Download Right Now ...

There are SO many fantastic apps for new moms. The awesome thing about technology is how much it has advanced. Nowadays we can share everything with everyone. These apps for new moms offer advice/tips, encouragement, etc. from other moms! Of course, they also offer fun games and ideas on how to spend your days with your new little one! The adjustment is hard for some but these apps for new moms are definitely worth checking out!

1. Baby Connect

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On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Price: $4.99

If you’re a new mom, you’re a busy mom. Baby Connect is one of the most comprehensive baby tracking apps available! It offers graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccines and growth tracking, timers, and a lot more! It has an easy to use interface and even has unlimited data. The app will synchronize information with your spouse, babysitter/nanny, daycare, or whomever else they’re with. It’s well worth the price to keep track of all this information! It’s one of the best apps for new moms.

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