How to Avoid 🚫 Social Media πŸ“± Ruining Your Relationship πŸ’” ...


Social media has really improved our way to communicate with friends and family that do not live close by, but you've got to know how to avoid social media ruining your relationship. I remember when I was little, my Yia-Yia (grandma in Greek) would schedule calls to her family members in Greece just a couple times a year because the cost to talk to someone internationally was just too high to do that regularly. To communicate in between calls, I would sit and write her letters in Greek, which took hours to do and then weeks to get to the recipient via snail mail.

Now we can hop on most Social media sites or our Webcam and see a loved one. We can drop a quick text or email to anyone all over the world and the message is there in minutes for no extra cost on our internet bill. It’s truly an amazing thing when we use technology for the purpose of stayimg connected with those we can’t see often, but when we use it to communicate with our significant other or as a weapon against him, it is sure to cause nothing but trouble and it isn’t so amazing anymore. That's why it's so important to know how to avoid social media ruining your relationship.

If you are using social media in your personal relationship in any of these ways, really re-think your actions or you may find yourself single real soon and using the internet to troll dating sites instead.

1. Never Post What is Better Said Verbally

Don’t go home after a fight and start trolling for the appropriate post to re-post to tell your significant other how you feel. If you have something to say, say it the old-fashioned way by calling him, or if you feel this extreme need to share the post because it is just that fitting and exactly what you want to say, text it to him. It is more effective to have a one-on-one exchange to resolve the issue versus airing your dirty laundry for all your friends to see, trust me. That's one of the best answers for how to avoid social media ruining your relationship.

Don’t Use It to Play β€œEye Spy”
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