7 Hotly Anticipated Video Games to Be Released in 2015 ...


Every year the gaming industry keeps us hooked waiting for releases of great new games or new editions of our existing favorites. What are the new games coming in 2015 that have got everyone on the edge of their seats?

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Resident Evil Revelations 2

Due: 18 February

Resident Evil Revelations couldn’t live up to the first two Resident Evil games (great in their day) and the more recent success of Resident Evil 4 (a truly brilliant game), so why are people looking forwards to Resident Evil Revelations 2? Why is it one of the most hotly anticipated video games to be released in 2015? Improved graphics are just a side note - the real reason most people are looking forwards to this version is because it looks as if Capcom have invested time in the storyline this time. There are a lot of Resident Evil games, and most of them are blood splatter games with little focus on the story, but this one has put the story first just like the two fantastic CGI movies they made. Additionally, look up the new revamp of the original Resident Evil game--it looks really good.


Final Fantasy XV

Due: 2015

Some of the more recent entries into the Final Fantasy world have been beautiful, but a little mushy. This version features players that look "cool" for want of a better word. The setting is severely grounded in fantasy, but it is more of a futuristic fantasy similar to that of FF7 and FF8. The graphics and playability are top notch and the setting is hopeful with a tinge of disappear, which is far better than the "happy happy" feeling the more recent versions have tried to push. There are also no characters with funny shapes for heads or bunny ears. They are just cool looking people driving around kicking, shooting and slicing their way through bad guys and the occasional monster.



Due: 2015

This is one of the XBOX fans most anticipated video games to be released in 2015. They do not give away much about the game, and Microsoft has not shown any game play yet (only a cut scene). It is hotly anticipated because it shows a city that can be seemingly completely destroyed. It is silly to become too excited about this game yet. When a developer releases very little about a game, it is often because there is nothing worth showing yet. If they are restricting exposure to the game for marketing reasons, then they should show their fans a little more respect.



Due: 10 Feb

This is a first person shooter where you and your chums have to take down a monster. The fifth chum is the one that controls the monster. It has won a lot of awards so afar and looks like it may be a fantastic game. It was supposed to be released in 2014, but it was held up and will now be released in February 2015.


Battlefield: Hardline

Due: 17 March

It is easy to believe you are going to have your heart broken by yet another Battlefield game, but this one get the benefit of the doubt. Unlike the crackdown game where the developers have showed you nothing, the Battlefield team has simply released game play onto YouTube. They do not feel the need to show off cut scene after cut scene. They launch with a quick scene for introduction and then show game play for their trailers. You can play as the cops or the robbers, and there is a promising multiplayer feature too. By showing so much game play, they are sticking their necks out as people may simply not buy, but there are a lot of people that like what they see and cannot wait for March 2015.

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Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End

Due: 2015

If this list were in order, then this may be at the top of the list as the Uncharted games are the most hotly anticipated video games to be released in 2015. This is the last quest of Nathan Drake and many figure he is going to die in this one, so people cannot wait for its release.


Star Wars Battlefront

Due: 2015 in sync with movie release

This game is hotly anticipated because it looks like they have got it right with this one. The company DICE are involved this time, and they are building the game from the ground up, which is just what is needed. They have taken elements from all the movies, including the new one, which means all the iconic locals will be featured. It may seem foolish getting excited about a Star Wars game when they have let us down so many times before. But, this time it is being created by people that were fans of the Franchise, which may mean a brighter future for Star Wars gamers.

Which game(s) can’t you wait for this year?

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You forgot Half-Life 3! Whenever making a list of games that are highly anticipated during the upcoming year, always add Half-Life 3 😂

I'm soooo getting uncharted 4, that envolved game looks cool.

OMG! The final fantasy 15 first ever trailer came out on 2006 i think? And up to now it hasn't been released yet. -__-

Thanks for sharing Carey...

Excited for Five Nights at Freddy's 3!

How do you not have Rise of the Tomb Raider listed. Lara croft is the 3rd most popular video game character in history for a fact.

I'm a major Star Wars pc gamer 😅 Battlefront - squee!!! 😆

OMG! The final fantasy 15 first ever trailer came out on 2006 i think? And up to now it hasn't been released yet. -__-

Games may be fun but also wreck lives and relationships. I absolutely love my boyfriend but even though we live together now for almost a year, our relationship is just the same as when we lived an entire country apart. Lol. Maybe we talk even less now.

What about halo guardians? 😁😀

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