7 Hotly Anticipated Video Games to Be Released in 2015 ...

Every year the gaming industry keeps us hooked waiting for releases of great new games or new editions of our existing favorites. What are the new games coming in 2015 that have got everyone on the edge of their seats?

1. Resident Evil Revelations 2

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Due: 18 February

Resident Evil Revelations couldn’t live up to the first two Resident Evil games (great in their day) and the more recent success of Resident Evil 4 (a truly brilliant game), so why are people looking forwards to Resident Evil Revelations 2? Why is it one of the most hotly anticipated video games to be released in 2015? Improved graphics are just a side note - the real reason most people are looking forwards to this version is because it looks as if Capcom have invested time in the storyline this time. There are a lot of Resident Evil games, and most of them are blood splatter games with little focus on the story, but this one has put the story first just like the two fantastic CGI movies they made. Additionally, look up the new revamp of the original Resident Evil game--it looks really good.

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