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7 Helpful Hints on Using SnapChat to Have More Fun ...

By Alicia

Most people can use some hints on using Snapchat when they are new to using the app. I know I certainly needed them. Snapchat is a very fun app but it is one that takes a bit of getting used to knowing how to use it and how to have the most fun with it. These are some hints on using Snapchat that I could have used when I first began using this app.

1 Ask Your Kids for Help

If you have kids that are age 10 or up, they can more than likely offer you some help in the technology department. There are so many things that have had me stumped that my kids easily showed me how to do. They are wonderful for helping me out in the technology department. Chances are your preteens and teens are too. If you don’t have a child this age, consider one that you know, like a niece or nephew. Having a young techno tutor is one of the best hints on using Snapchat.

2 Add Some Text

I did not know that you could add text to your snapchats when I first began using it. I thought you could only send pictures. All you have to do is tap on the screen and a little box comes up that allows you to add text. You can even draw on your pictures by using the little pencil icon up in the upper right hand corner. This can be really fun.

3 Retake the Picture

If you aren’t satisfied with your picture, you can retake it. Simply delete the one you have taken by using the x in the upper left hand corner. It is super easy. You can take them until you find one you are satisfied with. Of course, the goal of most snapchat pictures is to look silly so that shouldn't involve too many retakes.

4 Use Good Lighting

For best results, you need good lighting. I have found that my Snapchat pictures turn out best when I am in a brightly lit room. Trying to take them with only a lamp on makes them turn out fuzzy and grainy. They also tend to do well out in bright sunshine. Of course, you can always take a picture of complete blackness and then use the pencil icon to draw or write with.

5 Use Caution in Public

This is funny but true. Snapchatting in public can draw attention to you. That is okay if you are not bothered by it. Most of us would rather not collect stares for all the funny faces we are making. If that is you then you may want to save using this app for when you are at home.

6 Double Check Who You Are Sending Snaps to

This is a very important one. You want to be extra careful with who you are sending your snapchats to. It can be very easy to send one to the wrong person. Check and double check before you send it. Don’t get in a hurry because that is when this mistake tends to happen.

7 Don’t over Snap

Snapchat can be fun. However, it can be easy to fall into using this app too much. If you notice you are always the one sending Snapchats to your friends, you may want to back off that a bit. It can be a little annoying to receive constant Snapchats from others for insignificant things. Additionally, it is wise to be careful not to neglect the people you are actually with for the use of this app.

Snapchat can be a lot of fun. What hints do you have regarding this app? I will be anxiously waiting to learn some tips from your comments!

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