7 Helpful Apps for Writers Who Are Constantly on the Move ...

If you are a student or simply like to write on the go then you know how valuable it is to find good apps for writers. Ideas strike at any time! If you are always on the go or like the flexibility of working from multiple locations then it is crucial to have a reliable, practical writing app on hand – if you’re techy. If you need help finding a good app, below we are seven great apps for writers who are constantly on the move!

1. CloudOn

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CloudOn is my absolute favorite of all apps for writers! CloudOn provides a full Microsoft Word experience, complete with font options, bullet points, and pointed cursor – to name a few. CloudOn allows me the freedom to write from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. It is free and oh, so convenient. Download the app to your phone or tablet and you are set to move between devices without missing a beat in your writing. CloudOn syncs your documents to an online document storage location like Dropbox.

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