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7 Fun Smartphone Apps to Try out ...

By Amber

Always on the lookout for fun smartphone apps to download? Look no further! I have made this list of 7 fun smartphone apps just for you, my wonderful readers. Tried and tested, there’s no doubt you’ll like them too! For iPhone and Android lovers alike, here they are:

1 Flappy Bee/ Clumsy Bird …

Flappy Bee/ Clumsy Bird …On iTunes at:
On Android at:

Topping off my list of fun smartphone apps, we have Flappy Bee for iPhone and Clumsy Bird for Android. Now I know there are those of you out there who know about “Flappy Bird” and how incredibly addicting it was. I say was because it is no longer available! These are alternative versions, which may not be the real deal, but they are still close!

2 Heads up …

Heads up …On iTunes at:
On Android at:

This is the only one I’m listing that costs anything- but it’s only a dollar! And it’s worth it, I promise. I can’t tell you how much fun it is, especially when playing it in boring situations, like waiting in line at amusement parks, at the DMV, on your lunch break with co-workers, etc. Even the people around you get into it. It is basically like playing charades. Your phone screen displays one thing, and your partner must guess it for you to move on to the next card. But quick, before time runs out!

3 FML Official …

FML Official …On iTunes at:
On Android at:

For those days when you’re having a bad day, turn to FML Official for a little pick-me-up. There are some really crazy scenarios that can (hopefully) make your day seem a tiny bit better. You won't be able to resist giggling, that’s for sure.

4 Lumosity …

Lumosity …On iTunes at:
On Android at:

Ahhh, for those who love to tease their brain, we have the Lumosity app. It’s full of puzzles, riddles, and a bunch of other things to keep your mind active and exercised. So put your thinking caps on for this one and get to problem solving!

5 Bandsintown …

Bandsintown …On iTunes at:
On Android at:

I love, love, LOVE this app. I will admit that I am a bit of a music freak. This app allows you to find out about concerts and events nearby. It uses your location and BAM! Like magic, show listings are at your fingertips. If you love music as much as I do, this is definitely one to have.

6 Bitstrips …

On iTunes at:
On Android at:

This is one that I have seen popping all over my FB newsfeed. And I see why! It’s a super fun app that allows you to create a cartoon you, different scenarios, and AND you can cap it! It’s always really funny to see what people come up with using this one.

7 I’d Cap That …

On iTunes at:
On Android at:

Guaranteed to give you some crazy, wacky captions that will have you laughing out loud. Granted, some of the captions are not very appropriate sometimes, so it’s on the list of age-restricted apps… But for those of you able to use it, you’ll have plenty of fun with it! Trust me.

Well, that does it for my list of fun smartphone apps to try out. Personally, I hope Flappy Bird makes a comeback! Which app(s) have you tried? Any other app recommendations? As always, I love hearing from you lovely readers!

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