7 Fun and Fast Messaging Apps ...

Standard texting, messaging and calling lack a lot of features that popular messaging apps offer free of charge! There are plenty of fun options with quirky features that can only improve your long distance communication and provide you with the best experience. While some of these apps focus on one form of communication, others offer all of them in one entity, which only makes them that much more convenient. So forget about your unsatisfactory standard phone features, and delve into the world of fun messaging apps.

1. WhatsApp

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On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

WhatsApp is ranked as one of the top messaging apps in the app store right now. It’s a smartphone app that is available for various smartphones and is mostly used to share messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages. One of the perks of having this handy app is that you can communicate with family and friends internationally for free! And don’t worry, this is a rare app that doesn’t require you to create a username and password in order for you to use it!

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