8 Free Apps for Home Decorating and Design ...

If you are looking to renovate or refresh, you might find inspiration and assistance in apps for home decorating. Any house project is going to be an investment in time and money, so if you can be prepared so as to maximize both, a beautiful end result that hasn’t broken the bank is going to be a big reward. Plus, if you can make home improvement fun (because not all of love decorating) why not? Here are some handy free apps for home decorating and design.

1. SnapShop Showroom

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at itunes.apple.com

Apps for home decorating are especially useful if you can visualize ideas in your own home. This is made pretty easy with SnapShop Showroom. You can pick out furnishings you may want and insert it into a photo of your own room. The size and orientation isn’t perfect but it gives you a reasonably good idea of how it could look and you can do it with furniture, fixtures and fittings.

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