7 Fitness Apps That'll Help Keep You Motivated ...

Seeing as we all carry our smartphones around all day long, there are a ton of great fitness apps to download thatโ€™ll give you motivation on the go! Itโ€™s an easy way to check in on your progress which is crucial to staying on course! Whether you want to lose weight, monitor your daily calorie in-take, or just get some fun workout ideas, these fitness apps are definitely worth checking out! These apps have also revolutionized the ways in which we can all connect to support networks. They link you up with a community of people who cheer you on, coach you, or even add a competitive edge to the process.

1. Argus

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On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Price: Free

The Argus app is a 24/7 steps and active calorie counter! It uses GPS mapping of running, cycling, and driving and keeps track of your water, coffee, and tea intake. You can even snap photos of your meals to save on the app! Argus is one of the most sophisticated fitness apps as it keeps track and monitors your activities, workouts, food, sleep, weight, hydration, and vitals. All this for FREE? Definitely worth checking out!

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