5 Fitness Apps πŸ“± That Make Working πŸ’ͺ out Easier πŸ‘Œ Feel like Less of a Chore 😩 ...

Are you looking for fitness apps that make working out easier?

I don’t know about you, but when that alarm goes off and it’s time for me to wake up and work out, I would rather do almost anything else. I use a variety of apps to make working out easier and maybe even more fun. I mean, if that’s even possible. Here are five awesome FREE fitness apps that make working out easier.

1. Charity Miles

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I absolutely LOVE this app and it's one of my favorite fitness apps that make working out easier! For every mile you walk or run, $0.25 is donated to the charity of your choice! There are dozens of charities to choose from, and it always makes me feel good that while working on my health, I’m helping others, too!

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