7 Features of the IPhone 6 We Are Super-Excited for ...


7 Features of the IPhone 6 We Are Super-Excited for ...
7 Features of the IPhone 6 We Are Super-Excited for ...

There are so many super-duper exciting features of the iPhone 6 that have been discovered in the days after its announcement. The iPhone 6s are expected to become the best-selling smartphone of all time, with record numbers ordered - and who couldn’t be excited? Every time Apple release a new product there is a real sense of thrill, after all, who doesn’t love a new phone? These are some of the awesome features of the iPhone 6!

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Bigger, Bigger, Bigger

You’ve probably heard by now that one of the features of the iPhone 6 is its considerably larger size. There are two models - the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 5 we all know and love, at 4.7 inches, and the 6 Plus comes in at a whopping 5.5 inches. This huge size is leading people to call them “phablets” - a mix between a phone and a tablet.


A8 Processor

While this is the boring, confusing technical part, what you need to know is that the A8 processor is at least 25% faster, as well as including a graphics card that will be 50% faster. Now don’t worry - the improvement in speed will not diminish your battery! The battery in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is better and will last for longer. Hooray!


More Storage

If you use your phone for work, or simply have lots of photos and videos, then you’ll be happy to know that as well as there being the usual 8, 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte models, Apple will also release a 128 gigabyte model, which is a huge amount of storage for a phone, and perfect for those who have lots of data to store.


High-Definition Video

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, just like the iPhone 5, will shoot videos in 1080p. This is a great high-quality video, and is just one step down from the 2k quality that everybody was hoping the iPhone 6 would deliver. The change in the iPhone 6 models however, is that slow-mo video has been vastly improved and will create even more spectacular results. Yippee!


Apple Pay

With the introduction of PayPass and the like, allowing cardholders to simply tap their card against an EFTPOS machine to pay, Apple have introduced Apple Pay, which allows uses to tap their phones instead of their cards. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the United States for the time being, however Apple have said that they wish to make the feature worldwide.


More Resilient

If you’re anything like me and are dropping your phone constantly, then you’ll be super happy to know that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are going to be a lot tougher. The screen is made with new technology which is very resilient, making the phones harder to scratch or crack. This will not only keep the phone looking smart, but also let it hold its value for longer.


Improved Autocorrect

Thank goodness - I can’t even tell you how many embarrassing moments I’ve had with autocorrect mistakes! While this isn’t strictly an iPhone 6 feature as it’s coming with iOS 8 which will be available to all iPhone users, it’s a very welcome fix, and will be pre-installed onto the iPhone 6.

I for one am super-excited about the new iPhone, and I’ll be getting one as soon as possible! I am definitely an Apple girl, but I know that there will be a few non-Apple users who take a chance on the new iPhones due to their bigger size. Are you planning on getting a new iPhone?

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Iphone 6 plus bends , ladies .... Go for iphone 6 or upgrade your Iphone 5 📱📱

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