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7 Fantastic Apps for Choosing the Best Hairstyle ...

By Vanessa

There are so many incredible apps for choosing the best hairstyle. I can't even begin to explain the countless times where I've looked at photos of celebrities' new dos but ended up chickening out in fear that it wouldn't look the same on me. These apps are life saviors! You can upload a photo of your face onto the app, and try out different colors and styles. You'll never have to second-guess your risky hair choices again! Check out some of the awesome apps for choosing the best hairstyle.

1 Ultimate Hairstyle Try on

Ultimate Hairstyle Try onOn iTunes:
Price: Free
Have you been eyeing a new celebrity haircut but not sure if you'd be able to pull it off? Well, this app is the perfect way to find out which hairstyle would be best for you! It features the ability to try on over 100 different celebrity hairstyles, colors, and accessories all on YOUR own photo. The app even offers monthly beauty articles to help you get your favorite looks. In-app purchases are available which will you grant you even MORE hairstyles. This is just one of many cool apps for choosing the best hairstyle!

2 Hairstyle Wizard

Hairstyle WizardOn iTunes:
Price: Free
This app is really easy to use and has some seriously cool features! Upload a close up photo of yourself (or use the camera to take one right on the spot) and you'll be able to 'try on' different styles. This app also acts as your very own style guru. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire about where you're going, what kind of mood you're in, etc., and it'll recommend different hair styles for the occasion! That means you'll never have to stress about deciding what to do with your hair ever again!

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3 Hair Color Booth

Hair Color BoothOn iTunes:
Price: $0.99
Recently, people have been stepping up their 'hair game' by rocking some pretty vibrant colors. I've seen my fair share of green, pink, and even purple hair in New York City! It's actually a really awesome trend (just one I'm not entirely sure I'd be able to pull off). However, this app will help you decide. Upload a photo of yourself (showing off your hair) and you can choose from tons of different colors. Find out what you'd look like with some pink locks or even some blue streaks!

4 Modiface: Hairstyles

Modiface: HairstylesOn iTunes:
Price: Free
On this app, you can virtually try on over 100 different celebrity hair styles! Once your 'hair makeover' is complete, you can email the results to your friends, share it on social media, or just save it to your phone. Which style/color are you just dying to try out?

5 Hair Makeover

Hair MakeoverOn iTunes:
Price: Free
This app features both women's and men's hairstyles! That means if you've got a dad/brother/significant other who's in a need of a new look - you can show them this app, too! Once you a pick out a new look, you can use your saved makeover photo to consult wih your hairdresser!

6 Beautify

BeautifyOn iTunes:
Price: Price
This app allows you to do so much more than just change your hairstyle/hair color. On the app, you can also switch up your eye color! If you like what you see, order yourself some colored contacts - LOL!

7 Hairstyles Makeover

Hairstyles MakeoverOn iTunes:
Price: Free
This app features tons of different hairstyles to choose from! It even offers filters, text, and cool accessories to make your photos truly pop. Don't forget to share your photos with your friends once when you're done!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome apps for choosing the best hairstyle. Which apps do you love to use to help you decide?

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