Facebook Hacks to Make the Site Fun Again ...

Facebook used to be the most popular website in the world. Even though it's still immensely popular, it doesn't mean that we actually like using the site. Most of us just visit it out of habit, because we couldn't stop if we wanted to. If that describes you, and you're not the biggest Facebook fan anymore, here are a few hacks that'll make you more willing to visit the site:

1. Never Get Tagged in Unflattering Photos Again

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Don't you hate when you log onto Facebook and see an unflattering photo of yourself? Well, that doesn't have to happen anymore. If you go under your timeline, press "tagging," and then take a look at "review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline,” you can stop your friends from posting pictures onto your wall. That way, you won't be tagged in a photo unless you agree to it.

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