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I have been researching about apps for new parents since before the twins were born a year ago. I am not out to replace my very presence with high-technology devices but in the middle of spending long hours changing diapers, preparing hundreds of bottles of milk, and putting twins to bed, I could really use a little bit of help. Here are seven educational apps for new parents that may help new mommies and daddies out there in this exciting adventure called parenthood:

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Baby Connect

Baby Connect play.google.com

I especially like this among all apps for new parents because it is well-designed and comprehensive. It’s colourful, friendly to navigate and ultimately, useful. It tracks baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules, moods, temperature, to name a few. Data are put into graphs and this data can be shared with the babysitter or anyone who looks after your baby.


Baby Pack and Go

Baby Pack and Go play.google.com

I love making lists. I make a lot of them. But when it comes to baby essentials, there is just so much things to list down that it can get overwhelming. This app saves me from forgetting the diaper rash cream or the baby wipes. I use this for both short and long trips (read: quick visit to the supermarket or a 12-hour flight from Guangzhou to Paris). It can be personalized and customized so it does feel like you also made your own app.


White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby play.google.com

I have two babies, who were screaming almost at the same time when they were infants. I did not discover this app when my twins were infants but my cousin who gave birth to my niece last month swears by it saying: "This app helped me through like a miracle from the heavens that came down to Earth!" This app helps babies sleep better by masking noise interruptions.


WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby play.google.com

It's free!!! I just downloaded it and I consult it with anything I have in mind about Nicholas and Antoinette's milestones and some illnesses like fever, cough and cold, and even diaper rash. It's another comprehensive app that also includes a personal baby book, hundreds of articles to read and some videos to watch for guidance.


Once upon a Potty

Once upon a Potty play.google.com

I bought this book when my nephew turned two and had no interest in using the potty. I read this story to him and told my sister to do the same. He didn't budge. Then I discovered that it has an app so I told my sister to try it out. It worked! There are boy and girl editions of this app which has since been my sister's best friend in teaching Timothy the basics of toilet training. I hope this works for my twins when it's their time to take the big leap from diaper to potty.



StickyTot play.google.com

Raising a baby is complicated. You will never be the person you are before when screaming infants then toddlers invade your once peaceful home. From birth to today with the twins at a year old, Jeff and I have been documenting their milestones and this app has been with us through it all. It has the ability to keep track of events and milestones.


BabyCam Monitor


When the twins were born, Jeff said we should buy a baby monitor. I said maybe we can find an alternative. This is it! I can use my Android phone to check how the twins are doing while I am cooking dinner. I can step out of the room and do personal stuff without worrying what is happening to them because I can monitor them. Since you are using your phone, it does use up a lot of battery so be sure to keep your phone/tablet charged.

Any other baby apps that you can share with new parents?

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