7 Educational Apps for New Parents ...


I have been researching about apps for new parents since before the twins were born a year ago. I am not out to replace my very presence with high-technology devices but in the middle of spending long hours changing diapers, preparing hundreds of bottles of milk, and putting twins to bed, I could really use a little bit of help. Here are seven educational apps for new parents that may help new mommies and daddies out there in this exciting adventure called parenthood:

1. Baby Connect

Baby Connect

I especially like this among all apps for new parents because it is well-designed and comprehensive. It’s colourful, friendly to navigate and ultimately, useful. It tracks baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules, moods, temperature, to name a few. Data are put into graphs and this data can be shared with the babysitter or anyone who looks after your baby.

Baby Pack and Go
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