7 Drinking Apps for the Holiday Season ...

Holiday season is looming and along with the celebrations and festivities comes a lot of alcohol and this got me to thinking about drinking apps. In my misspent youth, alcohol was quite a feature and I dread to think of the damage I did to my poor liver. I also know that binge drinking is a major issue in my homeland (UK) and I was kinda thinking that if you make more of an event of drinking, it might prevent some of this culture of throwing as much cheap booze down your neck as you can before you end up in the gutter up chucking or even worse, like so many do, in A&E. If it is possible to promote sensible consumption through drinking apps, I’m all for it. Drinking apps can help you find pleasure in alcohol without needing to binge. They can help you plan a great party, and they can help you enjoy different drinks you may have never previously considered.

1. Mixology

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This is the first of our great drinking apps that you can get for the Android or iOS, and it is full of useful drinking features for all year round. Unlike other drinking apps, it is not based around one concept. This will help you to find bars, figure out cocktail drinks, create your own drinks, rate your drinks, create favorites lists and much more. If you like a certain ingredient in a drink, then search by that ingredient and see all of the other drinks that contain it. It is fun, useful and perfect for a person who is tired of drinking the same old thing. It’s going to be useful when you want to find some new drinking haunts to take your holiday guests to.

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