Did You Know πŸ€” the Way You Use Social Media πŸ“± Can Hint 🀫 at Depression πŸ˜”?


We read so many things about how social media affects us and it is so difficult to know what is true, what is relevant, and what is just scaremongering and hocus pocus. When you read about the negative impacts of social media on your life or other ways social media is bad for you, you have to be careful and consider if the β€œwarning” is relevant to you and your situation.

It is always worth reading such a text but do it with an open mind and only be swayed by it if it truly is relevant to you. It is often too easy to read too much into β€œsigns that you are” type articles but if they do ring true, it is a good starting point for you to assess what it really means about you. From there you can decide if you need to address the signs. As with this article which looks at ways you use social media can hint at depression.

These signs that your social media use might mean you have depression are a result of a study undertaken at Texas State University in which the habits of students who frequently used Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were analysed. The students were also asked questions about symptoms of any depressive disorder. The conclusion of the researchers is that if you have these social media habits you might be depressed;


Social media is a main source of FOMO. You use social media to constantly compare yourself to other you feel are β€œbetter off” than yourself – better looking, more money, a more aspiration lifestyle etc

Addicted to Social Media
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