9 Creative Apps for Budding Artists ...

If you're an artist looking for apps to help you, let guest contributor Miles be your guide. Here are someone of his favorite apps! Thanks Miles.

So you want to be an artist? While there are many types media you can use to develop your creativity, one of the easiest ways to start is on your smartphone. So try out a few of these apps, and see where your talent and work ethic can take you.

1. Glow Paint

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Have you ever felt the urge to draw something bright and dramatic across the night sky? You might have to keep dreaming about that, but you can at least paint a picture of what that might look like using this app. With Glow Paint, you can choose from a collection of extremely bright colors and draw just about anything all across your phone. With its 10 different paint colors, three different sizes, and the choice of several different backgrounds, you have a lot of options with Glow Paint. You can also save your work as a regular image file or a wallpaper. You can play around until you make something worth showing off, and then carry it with you everywhere.

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