9. Yowza


On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This free app eliminates the need for you to clip coupons like many other apps out there do. Just click on the app, and it automatically alerts you of all coupons and deals in your local area. Some coupons come from merchants themselves, meaning you might not find them elsewhere. You can save all coupons found through Yowza and cashiers simply scan them at your local stores. These coupons work just like paper coupons as long as stores in your area participate in mobile coupon use.

My favorite part about this app is that it allows you to share the deals with others, contact the store directly through information automatically provided with each deal, and even gives you a map of where to find the store. This is especially great for when I do my grocery shopping as I travel and am not as familiar with the area.

I know all of you love saving money like I do, but don’t always know of all the best ways to go about it, or you get so busy, you forget to do a little bit of mobile work before you go. Now, with these apps at your fingertips and very minor prep work, you can easily save more money every single time you shop. Do you have a favorite coupon app, or use coupon apps?

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