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WhatsApp is the go-to messaging platform for lots of people 🚻 these days because it's easy, it's free, it's popular, and it's versatile. What could be better, right? You can use WhatsApp to text to your heart's content, you can have group chats, you can send πŸ“₯ and receive files – it's pretty awesome, honestly. In fact, it's even more awesome πŸ‘ than you know! Like 😻 all great πŸ‘ apps, WhatsApp has all sorts of secret γŠ™οΈ and lesser-known tips and tricks, all of which are must-haves for any girl πŸ‘© who loves ❀️ using WhatsApp!

1. Keep Your Creepers at Bay by Hiding the β€œlast Seen” Stamp

WhatsApp's β€œLast Seen” timestamp is almost as horrifying as iPhone's read πŸ“˜ receipts, but the good πŸ‘ news πŸ“° is that it's just as easy to turn 🎲 off. You don't want everyone knowing when you're on πŸ”˜ the app, right? And if you're trying to avoid someone or ignoring someone's messages, you definitely don't want them to know you've been on πŸ”˜ recently. So, if you use an iOS device, just go into your WhatsApp settings, go to Chat Settings, hit Advanced, and you'll see where you can turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ your last seen timestamp. Unfortunately, Android users πŸ‘₯ typically need to download a third-party app to turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ their status. That's a bummer!

Get Rid of Those Tattle-tale Ticks
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