7 Brilliant Apps to Help You Write Better ...

With all of the different apps to help you write better, it's hard to choose which ones are actually going to impact your writing and which ones are going to just fill up space on your phone. I'm a writer at heart, so I had to find out which apps to help you write better are out there. If you are a writer at heart and are constantly looking for ways that you can improve your writing, take a look below at my top 7 amazing apps to help you write better.

1. Lists for Writers

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By far, one of the hardest things in the world to overcome is writer's block. If you are looking for a way to really come up with lists of words, plot lines, names and even character traits, this is absolutely one of the best apps to help you write better. It's an app that contains all sorts of lists of plot lines, ideas, obsessions, occupations and even action verbs. How cool is that? It does cost about $2.99, so keep that in mind when you're looking for this app.

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