7 Brilliant Apps for Bakers to Cook up a Storm ...

In the UK we’re in the grip of a baking revolution thanks to the Great British Bake Off (coming to US shores soon) and in the US, cupcakes have been very trendy for quite some time now, so if you are enamored of this particular cooking trend you’ll be interested in my list of apps for bakers. If you want your flans to be fantastic, your sponges to be super, your pies to be perfect, and your cookies to be crumbly or chewy, get a helping hand from these apps for bakers.

1. Cookie Nook

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On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

I love the name of this one. But it isn’t just the name that’s great. If you’re a cookie monster, your jar will always be full with delicious crumbly, flaky, crunchy, chewy sweet treats with this app. The recipes include some really interesting ones as well as the all-time classics. It’s really well laid out with easy to read graphics and well presented ingredient lists and easy to follow instructions. At $1.99 it’s one of the budget friendly apps for bakers I recommend.

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