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20 Best Workout Apps for 2019 ...

By Glenys

In this modern health and fitness era, it seems almost impossible that you would begin and maintain a fitness journey without the help of at least one or two dedicated apps! We all have powerful smartphones and tablets at our disposal these days, so it makes sense to incorporate this technology in to your fitness regime! Here are 20 best workout apps for 2019.

1 Noom

Orange, Yellow, Logo, Design, Graphics,This app has been touted as Weight Watchers for millennials! Its big selling point is that it promises to help you lose an average of 18 pounds in 16 weeks.

2 Studio Tone It up

Aqua, Turquoise, Font, Text, Logo,There are new classes to enjoy every single week on this app, from yoga to cardio to barre to boxing and even more! It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your exercise needs.

3 Gixo

Green, Logo, Font, Text, Turquoise,This is an app that allows you to connect with live trainers, whether it is day or night! You can book 15, 25, or 40 minute sessions; so much easier than going to the gym.

4 Asana Rebel

White, Logo, Triangle, Font, Black-and-white,This is the reigning queen of yoga apps, mixing a combination of classic yoga poses with HIIT inspired fat burning workouts to produce some really amazing results if you stick with it.

5 Six Pack in 30 Days

Cartoon, Sports gear, Jersey, Font, Illustration,The name of this app alone should be enough to entice you! The great thing is that everything detailed on the app requires no extra equipment, just your body and your mind!

6 Headspace

Orange, Yellow, Circle, Logo, Oval,Your mental health is crucial to getting your physical health in order, so use the Headspace app to learn lots of helpful mindfulness tips and tricks.

7 Couch to 5K

Text, Product, Logo, Turquoise, Font,This app does what it says on the tin! It promises to get you from being a total couch potato in to someone who is able to run a really impressive 5K.

8 MyFitnessPal

Electric blue, Icon, Logo,A longtime player in the app game, MyFitnessPal is pretty much a one-stop-shop for all your diet and exercise needs. It counts calories, logs diets and also presents you with a daily exercise programme to follow.

9 Yoga Wake up

Orange, Leaf, Logo, Graphics, Plant,This app will get you feel productive and active as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, helping you to ease into the day with a ten minute early stretching session.

10 7 Minute Butt Workout

Violet, Purple, Pink, Logo, Icon,I don’t care who you are, you always want your butt to look good! Thankfully, you have this app to help you out and get on the right track with all the dedicated exercises!

11 Seconds

Red, Logo, Font, Graphics, Label,This is a HIIT training app that helps you to keep in time and on schedule when you are doing your circuits. It can be a real lifesaver when you are so into the work out that you can’t keep track!

12 Qinetic

Orange, Font, Logo, Material property, Circle,This is an on-demand video service that lets you stream loads of great classes from Zumba to yoga to sweat-inducing HIIT.

13 Sworkit

Logo, Font, Line, Graphics, Brand,You get to pick between things like yoga, strength, cardio and stretching in this app, and each different discipline has videos, tutorials, and classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.

14 Keelo

Logo, Trademark, Font, Graphics, Brand,Once you have become the kind of person who thinks CrossFit is too easy for you, then the hardcore insanity of Keelo is the next step!

15 Daily Ab Workout

Logo, Graphics, Icon, Symbol, Electric blue,A very simple but effective app that provides you with daily exercises and motions to gain and maintain those killer abs!

16 Daily Yoga

Blue, Font, Logo, Line, Icon,Yoga is something that feels better and better the more often you do, so keeping up with the daily app can be really beneficial.

17 Freeletics Bodyweight

Logo, Font, Line, Clip art, Graphics,This is a brilliant workout app that starts you off with a personalised fitness test. After taking that, all of your exercises are tailored to your ability.

18 Strava

Orange, Logo, Font, Graphics, Sign,Strava is well known at this point, but if you are still going on regular runs or bike rides without it, then make sure you download the tracking and training app right away.

19 Charity Miles

Green, Logo, Turquoise, Icon, Graphics,You can kill two birds with one stone using this app, racking up miles on a bike or on your feet for your own health, whilst raising money from sponsors for charities for every mile you complete!

20 Aaptiv

Logo, Font, Electric blue, Graphics, Trademark,This is a super clever app that generates musical playlists from your library that match to the beats per minute of your chosen workout.

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