7 Best Online Resources to Solve Educational Problems ...


7 Best Online Resources to Solve Educational Problems ...
7 Best Online Resources to Solve Educational Problems ...

As a student it is essential to have the best resources, and with so many online educational resources, it can be bewildering knowing which to settle on and which will help at specific times. In my capacity as a freelance writer I work for a large educational network and come into contact with plenty of online educational resources every day. I thought it might be good if I shared some of them with you.

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This is a website that hosts a checking tool. You paste your text into one side of the tool and paste the text you want to compare it to on the other side. It is one of those online educational resources that some companies are willing to charge you a lot of money for, even though a newbie programmer could make you a similar program if you threw a few dollars at him. It is different from plagiarism checkers because it doesn’t rely on checking search engine results such as those on Google. It checks how similar one document is to another. There are times when your research will paraphrase its way into plagiarism, so you can check your document against the source with this program.



What happens if you give two university nerds a pair of microphones and a screen capture program? The answer is that you get a series of programming seminars that detail the programming techniques that they have been doing since childhood. The weird thing is that the quality of their tutorials are better than any paid quality videos, and yet they give them away for free. Plus, they teach all the way back from C, up to the most recent app programming languages. The best thing is that they start from the most basic principles, and even tell you where you can get programming software such as NotePad++ for free. This is a great resource for anyone looking to the web as their future career.


Wibit.net is a great resource for anyone looking to pursue a career in web programming. It offers a series of free programming seminars that cover a variety of topics, from the most basic principles of programming in C to the most recent app programming languages. The seminars are of high quality and are taught by two university nerds. The seminars also provide information on where to get programming software such as NotePad++ for free. Wibit.net is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about web programming and its related technologies.


Google Translate

A learning resource? Really? Actually, yes it is, because it is the most up to date language index on the planet. It is not going to teach you how to write in another language, but it is going to help you find words that you need to plug your knowledge. This is especially helpful when you are doing your coursework, and it even hosts the most recent slang words. It also has alternative words listed below the results area, so that you may find the perfect word for your work.



This is a great spelling and grammar checking program. It is free, but the number of words you may add is more limited. You can pay a small yearly fee to increase the number of words. The great thing about this tool is that it picks up on potential typo mistakes. It picks out the less obvious mistakes that are easy to miss when you are proofreading and is a better performer than most built-in word processing spell checkers



This is truly one of the most useful online resources for educational problems. It can answer a massive range of mathematical questions, and it has an interface that makes answering the questions a whole lot easier. It is not like a calculator because it allows you to set out your algebra questions by putting the correct symbols on the screen. It also has a wide number of mathematical settings so that you may have it answer questions with finite math, or pre-algebra.



This is a tool that some people find useful if they really have a problem memorizing things the traditional way. All it does is run you through a memorizing process. It helps by letting you enter something to remember, and then helping you to remember it by giving you hints as to what it says, such as giving you the first letter of each word. It makes a great revision tool.



This is one of the most popular online educational resources because it has a comprehensive list of grammar problems that apply to people in USA. People in Britain, Canada, Asia and Australia use their grammar and spelling, and people in America use their own spelling and grammar. The grammar book is for people in America, and it has lots of grammar problems that you can look up as they occur to you or as you come across non-US English in sources you may be using, such as if “Master’s Degree” is supposed to have an apostrophe or not.

Those are some of my favorite online educational resources that I think most students of all disciplines will find useful. What are your favorite online study tools you’d recommend?

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I love this article! I\'m going back to school soon and will use it but the great thing is that these can be used by anyone. Khan academy is also great like Annie said.

Khan Academy is also a great online resource! I used it for my chemistry 101 class in college!

No more agree than @Annie !!!! It helps a lot when preparing for exams in college!!!!!

This article is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! Although, Bing Translate is better than Google Translate. I have to learn Cantonese and the sentence structure and meaning is more accurate in Bing Translate.

Just what I needed

Exactly what a student needs... Thank you :-)

I was looking for sites like this.

Very helpful! Awesome information! Much thanks!

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