7 Best Online Resources to Solve Educational Problems ...


As a student it is essential to have the best resources, and with so many online educational resources, it can be bewildering knowing which to settle on and which will help at specific times. In my capacity as a freelance writer I work for a large educational network and come into contact with plenty of online educational resources every day. I thought it might be good if I shared some of them with you.

1. Diffchecker.com

This is a website that hosts a checking tool. You paste your text into one side of the tool and paste the text you want to compare it to on the other side. It is one of those online educational resources that some companies are willing to charge you a lot of money for, even though a newbie programmer could make you a similar program if you threw a few dollars at him. It is different from plagiarism checkers because it doesn’t rely on checking search engine results such as those on Google. It checks how similar one document is to another. There are times when your research will paraphrase its way into plagiarism, so you can check your document against the source with this program.