7 Best Dating Apps for Teens ...

When you are a teen with raging hormones, it might not feel like it, but the fact is that you have the rest of your life to date and find romance. However, that doesn’t stop you from feeling urgent about the situation and wanting to dive straight in to test the waters! If you aren’t careful about how you go about it, online dating can be a slightly sketchy avenue for younger daters, but if you stick to the tried and tested options, you should be fine. Have a look at the best teen dating apps!

1. Happn

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This is an app that combines meeting someone in real life with actually using the programme on your phone. Every time you are within 850 feet of someone you have connected with before, it lets you see it on your timeline. This can be a fun feature if you are a teen who is still at school, as you will be able to keep in flirty touch with crushes in the hallways!

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