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10 Best Christmas Apps for 2018 ...

By Deeceebee

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but that is only if you can defeat all of the stress that inevitably mounts around the festive season! There is pressure to get the right gifts, to cook the perfect meal, to decorate the house in a magical way, all whilst not trying to completely break the bank! Christmas can turn from the best day of the year to the worst if you fall victim to your stress, but modern technology is here to help! Here are best Christmas Apps for 2018 that will make things easier.

1 Santa’s Bag

red, text, logo, product, font,This is a simple app that lets you create different lists for different people, setting individuals budgets and giving you gift idea space to write in. You can also share your lists with other users for easy secret communication!

2 Deliveries

product, font, product, brand,When you starting ordering before December, it’s hard to keep track of what you have already got and what you still have to get! The Deliveries app helps you to keep track of everything you have ordered, whether things have arrived yet or whether they are still in transit.


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3 Merry Christmas Card Maker

product, logo, font, line, product,Perfect if you have a penchant for creating greeting cards. There are more than 256 vibrant colors to let your imagination fly. With unlimited undo options, it offers you more freedom to design your card. It also works offline.

4 One Today

product, text, logo, font, brand,You should always remember to give back at Christmas to those who are less fortunate. The One Today suggests a different non-profit to you every day and you can set up even just a 1$ donation to go out automatically.

5 Christmas Radio

logo, text, product, font, graphics,Christmas music makes everybody feel better! This app takes away the job of finding those old compilation CDs by putting over 50 festive radio stations right at your fingertips.

6 Secret Santa

santa claus, fictional character, cartoon, christmas, clip art,If you have been put in charge of the work or friendship group secret Santa, then you can use this helpful app to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. You just have to input all of the right names and it does the rest!

7 Elf Yourself

christmas ornament, christmas decoration, font, holly, produce,This is a super fun app that lets you mix your own pictures and turn you and your friends into Santa’s elves to create hilarious e-cards and videos. You can then send them out to whoever you please!

8 The Perfect Christmas Dinner

text, logo, product, font, graphics,If you are in charge of the turkey, ham, goose, or whatever, this app will guide you through the process. There are 25 different video recipes covering all courses.

9 Copia

green, product, logo, font, graphics,If you are in charge of the office Christmas party, you will know that there is always loads of food left over. Copia is an amazing app that can match your leftovers to a nearby shelter to make sure nothing goes to waste.

10 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

green, yellow, vertebrate, cartoon, product,This app tells the famous Christmas story in smartphone form, something to keep the kids busy while you are wrapping and cooking!

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