7 Best Calendar Apps for Organizing Your Life ...

If you’re still using a paper calendar to keep track of all of your appointments, plans, and dates, you’ve just got to upgrade, and try one of the best calendar apps for organizing your hectic life! I mean, why not? You carry your smartphone everywhere, and with a few taps with the right calendar apps, you can update your plans, check your notes, and more, even on the go. If you’re looking to get organized, or you’re just tired of having to buy a new paper planner every year, it’s time to check out these calendar apps. With so many to choose from, there’s bound to be one you’ll love!

1. Memmo Pro

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For Android at: play.google.com

This is my all time favorite of all the calendar apps I’ve used, and there’s one big reason why: all the cute icons you can use to “tag” your entries! For instance, if you’re a runner, like me, you can use the little running icon each time you go for a run… then if you want to see them all, you just tap the icon and track your progress. And there are so many icons to choose from. I also like that you can add a photo to your entries, and then share them on Facebook, too… is there anything this app can’t do? If you’re still not convinced, try the free version first, then once you fall in love – and you WILL fall in love with it – you can upgrade to Memmo Pro.

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