Best Android Fitness Apps for 2017 to Keep Your Beach Body ...


Best Android Fitness Apps for 2017 to Keep Your Beach Body ...
Best Android Fitness Apps for 2017 to Keep Your Beach Body ...

What are the best Android fitness apps for 2017?

Everyone will agree that at some point in our life we have tried to become fit and failed at it. “I have to get in shape”, “I should start working out”, “I should hit the gym." These are some thoughts that constantly fill our mind. And more often than not we set aside these thoughts by saying, “I will start tomorrow." Only, tomorrow never comes. What we all need is motivation, a push and someone always by our side from day one, and that someone can be our smartphone. Download a fitness app and you have got yourself a personal trainer whom you can carry around in your pocket.

The internet is filled with apps that can help you keep track of your health and fitness. Here’s a list of some of the best Android fitness apps for 2017.

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Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble is the one of the best Android fitness apps for 2017. The app offers thousands of exercises and workout programs that range from five to twenty minutes. Each of these workouts contains step-by-step audio and video instructions. You can select one from the pre-defined programs or schedule workout routines according to your preferences. The app lets you know when to workout with the help of an alarm. You can also build routines on your own and share it them the app. These are some of the areas you can focus on:

• Lose weight
• Strengthen core
• Build and tone muscle
• Improve endurance and flexibility
• Target the upper and lower body
• Yoga

Based on the area you want to focus, the app suggests numerous workouts for you to choose from.You are also provided with a list of personal trainers who will be available all the time to guide and motivate you through the program. Most of these workout programs are available on the free version. If you want, you can upgrade to a Pro version of this app which costs $6.50 per month. The upgraded version has more workouts routines and ad free HD workout videos


7-Minute Workout

You don’t have to workout for hours to stay fit, and this app proves it. All you have to do to stay find seven minutes of your time each day and follow the intense workouts given by the app. The workout is based on High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT), which is proved to be the safest and most effective way to improve aerobic and muscular fitness. The 7-minute workout consists of 12 exercises. All 12 contain classic moves like these:

• Jumping Jacks
• Wall sits
• Push ups
• Squats
• Planks
• Lunges
• Side planks

Each of the exercises is done for 30 seconds, with a 10-second break between them. You can also customize the rest interval according to your preferences. The exercises come with clear video and audio instructions and a brief description below. As you make progress, more specific workouts, such as an abs workout, leg workouts and butt workouts, are unlocked. It also allows you to sync your workout with Google Fit, which makes it easy to keep track of your health and fitness.



JEFIT is the most popular app available to help you keep track of your gym workouts. The app is solely dedicated to heling you improve your muscle strength and teach you body building. It allows every user to keep track of their gym workouts, be it a beginner or a professional body builder. It consists of thousands of routines that target specific body parts. It comes with so many features such as:

• Exercise Library
• Pre-built routines
• Routine planner
• Workout tracker
• Timer
• Body stat tracker

This app also gives advanced training reports that keep you motivated and helps you stay on track to reach your fitness goals. It also has a 2-way sync feature that allows you to sync your stats from app to computer and access it anywhere, anytime. The free version is ad supported. The pro version is priced at $3.33 and gives you detailed stats, increased storage capacity and an ad free experience. If you need more motivation, you can choose a friend or someone from the JEFIT community as your workout buddy.


Yoga Studio

If you are not into intense workouts and more of a yoga person, Yoga Studio is the app for you. You can choose from 65 unique yoga and meditation classes each ranging from ten to sixty minutes. It also provides different yoga poses across three levels:

• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

The classes focus on strength, relaxation, flexibility and balance, or a combination of all four. You can filter through classes based on focus, duration and ability or intensity level. The app lets you customize your atmosphere, from the background music to the ambient sound options. Advanced users can upload yoga poses and create classes of their own. Users can also download the videos to their phones for reference. Meditation techniques and Sun Salutations are also available on the app. You can download the app for free on the Google Play Store.



If you are someone who believes a combination of good workouts and a well-balanced diet is the key to staying fit, then this app is for you. The app has the biggest food database, which consists of over 6 million food items across various cuisines. Calorie Counter lets you keep track of each and every item you eat. Just scan the barcode to get detailed information of the calories and nutrients that constitute that food. If you are at a restaurant and don’t know how much calories you are about to consume, don’t sweat it. Just search for the restaurant on the app and you will get all the information about the food on their menu. You can use the recipe calculator to find the calories in a home-cooked meal. It allows you to set a goal, gives you diet plans, and monitors you continuously to help you stay fit. But you have to strictly log your daily diet to get the most out of this app. The app is available for free on the Play Store. You can also sync other fitness apps to MyFitnessPal to achieve your fitness goals.


Google Fit

If you are too lazy to workout or do yoga or follow a healthy diet, this one’s for you. Google Fit keeps track of your activity throughout the day. Whether you run, walk or cycle, everything is tracked and logged onto the app. It keeps track of steps, distance, calories burnt, etc. It is a much simpler app when compared to others, as you can check your progress on a daily basis and make improvements for the next day. You can also sync it with other apps to keep track of your fitness. Most smartphones have Goggle Fit as a default app. If not, you can download it for free on Google Play.

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