JEFIT is the most popular app available to help you keep track of your gym workouts. The app is solely dedicated to heling you improve your muscle strength and teach you body building. It allows every user to keep track of their gym workouts, be it a beginner or a professional body builder. It consists of thousands of routines that target specific body parts. It comes with so many features such as:

• Exercise Library

• Pre-built routines

• Routine planner

• Workout tracker

• Timer

• Body stat tracker

This app also gives advanced training reports that keep you motivated and helps you stay on track to reach your fitness goals. It also has a 2-way sync feature that allows you to sync your stats from app to computer and access it anywhere, anytime. The free version is ad supported. The pro version is priced at $3.33 and gives you detailed stats, increased storage capacity and an ad free experience. If you need more motivation, you can choose a friend or someone from the JEFIT community as your workout buddy.

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